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3/4-Extension Glides

Full-Extension Glides

3/4-Extension Glide

Full-Extension Glides

  • A single rail on each side extends out 3/4 of the total rail length. A 22"Glide pulls out 16-1/2".
  •  Rated at 75# live load evenly distributed
  • The double rails do the work of making this Sliding Shelf pull out a full 22". (Full-Extension.)
  • No change in rating. Still rated at 75# live load

Every glide set from Sliding has been tested to be sure of its lasting quality.

Dynamic Wear Test

Static Loading Test

Side Pressure Test

Top Load Test Moving Top Load - Stationery Side Load Force
  • The glides are subjected to 100,000 openings and closings with a total weight of 75# on a 22" glide set.
  • 100 lbs. is applied to a half extended 22 inch glide set for one minute.
  • A force of 33 lbs. is applied 10 times to a fully extended 22 inch glide set.
ISO 9001 certified ISO 9001 certified ISO 9001 certified

No 2nd best here. Each and every glide is designed to last a lifetime in furniture or cabinetry.