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Why do I need Pull Out Shelves?

If you enjoy convenience.
It just doesn't make sense to get down on your hands and knees to get that item at the back of the shelf. 

With Pull Out Shelves just pull out the shelf, get what you need, and slide the shelf back. Wow ! How easy is that?

Do you have back pain?
If it hurts, don't do it ! No more trying to bend beyond what's comfortable. 

With a Pull Out Shelf in each cabinet, Everything in your bottom cabinets is now easily accessible. Pull Out Shelves qualify for Assisted Access living.

Tired of hunting for the item you need?
You unload the shelf you think the item is on, only to find it's not on that shelf. So, you load that shelf back up and start on another.

Why put yourself through that old exercise in futility ? If your items are on Pull Out Shelves, you just pull out the Sliding Shelf and immediately see every item on the shelf. Simple ! Easy !

Ready to add some Pull Out Shelves to your kitchen cabinets ? Just click to see our large selection of convenient Pull Out Shelves.

Do you like to be organized?
Organizing your kitchen storage items is a snap with Pull Out Shelves from . Get the double-deep Pull Out Shelf for pots and pans storage or for tall items. Use our Full-Depth Pull Out Shelf for food storage or items of normal height. The Super Shelf or High-Back Pull Out Shelf are even better for storing pots and pans. 

Organize everything just the way you like it with Pull Out Shelving from . All of you organizers out there know that organizing kitchens is the first step to a convenient kitchen.

Are you a ' neat freak ' ?
There's nothing wrong with being neat. You enjoy opening your kitchen cabinets to see neatly organized storage. It's really the result of good kitchen organizing for convenience in using your kitchen cabinets for more storage. 

It takes a little work, and a few Pull Out Shelves.

Ready to take a look at all the Hand Crafted Pull Out Shelves in our large assortment ? Take a look at our...


Is your pantry impossibly crammed ????

Pantry storage is a problem in almost every home. You can't see what's at the back of the pantry shelves, and if you could, you can't get to it without moving everything in front of it out of the way.

The pantry shelves are normally way too far apart, wasting space that could be used for kitchen storage.

Pull Out Shelves from can solve pantry storage problems. Here's an excellent example of a pantry storage area that's tightly organized. It uses all the kitchen storage space and puts it to good use.

  • This Pantry is FILLED with Pull Out ShelvesTwin Sliding Shelves at the top for smaller items.
  • Full-Extension glides on Sliding Shelves provide easy access to any item on the shelf, even if it's way in the back.
  • Spice trays inside a full-width Sliding Shelf.
  • Sliding Shelves can mount to existing shelves.

Do you enjoy quality products?

It's nice when things work like they are supposed to. No worries, just enjoy the convenience 365 days every year for as long as you own your home.

You know that all Pull Out Shelving from uses glides that have been tested through 100,000 open/close cycles. 

You also know that each Pull Out Shelf is designed to hold 75# of kitchen storage items.

Want to get started making your kitchen cabinet storage more convenient - worry free ? Just click on Oak our most popular Pull Out Shelf.

Do you like things that look good ????

Take a closer look at the picture of the pantry storage achieved with Pull Out Shelves. The hand-crafted quality is a joy to look at. Natural Oak, Birch, or Maple wood so you can match or contrast nicely with your existing kitchen cabinets.

Add value to your home.

If you ever decide to sell your home, when the Realtor shows the prospect the convenience, practicality, and organization with the Pull Out Shelves you have installed, your home is going to have a leg up on the other homes for sale. 

You may even be able to add the value of the Pull Out Shelf installation to the sales price. Ask your Realtor when you list your home. By pointing out the additional kitchen storage available, and the ease of using Pull Out Shelving, their prospect is sure to be impressed.

Check out the value built right in to every Hand Crafted Pull Out Shelf at

Why select from

More 'Bang for your Buck' .
You want the best value for your purchases. We've searched everywhere for better pricing, higher quality, or more choices, and it's just not out there. We'll keep looking though. At we want you to know you're paying absolutely the lowest price for any Pull-Out Shelf you select. 

Craftsmanship at it's best .
We take pride in the fact that each Pull-Out Shelf is carefully hand-crafted. The joints are tight, edges sanded smooth, and the over-all appearance is very pleasing to the eye.

Only the absolute best in materials.
Sure there is cheaper wood and less expensive glides and hardware. But why spend all that extra time fussing over perfection if the materials are not of the highest quality possible ? 

Furniture grade plywoods in Birch, Maple, and Oak are used for the sides of our Pull-Out Shelves. The bottoms are 1/4" plywood, too. We don't use inferior products like MDF, melamine, or particle board.

The glides have been tested with a load through 100,000 open/close cycles. Way beyond normal useage requirements.

Your want choices ? We've got choices.

Birch Pull Out Shelf   Oak Pull Out Shelf   Maple Pull Out Shelf
Birch   Oak   Maple

Your choice of wood types. Your choice of Pull-Out Shelf shapes and sizes.

3-inch Tall Oak Pull-Out Shelf   6-inch Tall Oak Pull-Out Shelf   Oak Super Pull-Out Shelf
3" Tall   6" Tall    7-1/2" Tall Super Shelf

Our Pull-Out Shelves can handle the load.

Everything except our Price-Buster (We'll talk about those later...) is made with 3/4" thick materials. Some shelf salesmen tell you at their web sites that their 1/2" material is stronger. Don't walk away... RUN . They don't have a clue. It would make me wonder about anything they say.

Our Price-Busters are made using 1/2" Baltic Birch 9-ply plywood. Not as strong as the 3/4" materials, but still able to carry the maximum load of 75# per Pull-Out Shelf. (load evenly distributed) And they cost a little less. Check out the pricing.

You want ease of installation.

Pull-Out Shelves from are shipped with installation hardware that makes the ' 5-minute installation ' a reality. Easy to install, even for a novice do it yourself person.
You furnish the screwdriver, we'll send everything else.

Easy to understand installation instructions are e-mailed along with notification your order has been shipped.

You need custom sizes.

Our normal Pull-Out Shelf front-to-back length is 22 inches. However, we stock glides in every length
(2" increments) from 12" to 30") .

We can also make our Pull-Out Shelves shorter or taller, depending on your needs.

So if you need a special size, no problem. Just e-mail or call 800-725-1628 and ask for a special quote. We're happy to make whatever size you need to make your kitchen more convenient.

You want your Pull-Out Shelf order to fit.

And so do we. If you have any doubts at all, don't hesitate to call or e-mail. We're happy to help with questions about measuring or installation problems. We have measuring instructions right on our web site.

We've helped make sure thousands of our Pull-Out Shelves fit and operate properly.

You don't want problems.

At we're all about Hand-Crafted quality, sturdiness, and good looking products.

Our easy-to-navigate web site is a reflection on our determination to make things go right.

And when you click on the 'Check Out' button on our shopping cart you're taken immediately to a secure socket site (https://) where everything is encrypted and your private information stays private.

We NEVER give our our customer information. Your e-mail address stays private. We'll NEVER give, loan, or sell any part of your private information, including your e-mail address. Our employees never see a credit card number. Those numbers are never on our computers or print-outs here. They stay secure.

Our detailed order confirmation e-mail and our e-mail to let you know your Pull-Out Shelf order has been shipped are also a part of making sure everything goes right.

With every contact we are making sure you will receive the correct sizes and hardware to make your installation go smoothly. 

We're so sure about our high quality standards that every Pull-Out Shelf from is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

See the details of this guarantee.

All of this, to make sure you know we care.

We care about each and every customer and every order. We go out of our way to make sure that you enjoy using our products in your home.